Frequently Asked Questions


Are my transactions and credit card information safe?

Yes, uses state-of-the-art technology
to help prevent fraud, and our expert staff monitors
transactions 24/7, enabling you to pay safely.

I tried logging in but could not , what do I do?

The password is caps sensitive so if it says EeT3dDD make sure the same casing is used.
You should get an
email with the password (and when you purchase it and go back to the site you
will see your password , save it, but if you loose it : email us ( , thanks.

Will I pass my fluoroscopy exam by using

Yes, 99% of all subscribers to have
passed their examination.

Who do I contact for product-related queries?

E-mail: All e-mails will be
answered within 24 hours Monday thru Friday.

I need more time to access so I can Prepare for
my Fluoroscopy examination. What can I do?

You may purchase another 6-month online subscription

While using I think I found an error with one of the questions.
What should I do?

E-mail: The questions in are updated regularly and receive
constant editing. Please include the question and the
section that it was in. We appreciate your effort in
keeping the #1 Fluoroscopy prep course
online today.

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